Kawaii Resistors – Physics / Engineering Shirt

February 24th, 2012

Kawaii Physics

Our previous Valentine’s Day shirt is quite cynical, so here’s a sweeter design for those who aren’t so jaded. It also happens to be pretty nerdy: a kawaii physics shirt for science and engineering geeks! This design shows two anthropomorphic and friendly resistors – those ubiquitous electronic components. One says to the other, “I can’t resistor you.” And it appears his feelings aren’t met with much resistance…

I’ve always thought that resistors are intrinsically kawaii, with their tiny size and colorful bands. And for reasons I discussed in this post, I’m glad to design another cute and nerdy shirt!

Kawaii Physics T-Shirts The I Can’t Resistor You design is available on T-shirts and hoodies. The shirts can be purchased at our online store.

Valentine’s Day Shirt – Kawaii Praying Mantis

January 25th, 2012

kawaii praying mantis

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so in honor of the event we introduce our new kawaii praying mantis shirt. The graphic shows a cute male praying mantis in love. Meanwhile, his hungry sweetheart hides a fork behind her while she drools in anticipation. She’s looking forward to her next meal of course, as female praying mantises famously bite off and eat their beaus’ heads after mating. Sometimes the feeding occurs during mating. In this case, copulation continues while the lady mantis eats, since insects can live for a short while after losing their heads. The male can be even more energetic while having sex in his last moments. (>_<)

The shirt sports the saying, "Nothing is sweeter than love." For a Valentine's Day shirt, this design is pretty cynical. But those who aren't jaded about love - stay tuned! We have a sweeter, more romantic shirt design coming up! [EDIT: Sweeter design is now released!]

Kawaii Praying Mantis T-shirts Praying Mantis Valentine T-shirts and hoodies are available at our online store.

Knowledge is Panda

January 13th, 2012

kawaii panda

A nerdy kawaii panda shirt that champions learning. The slogan plays upon the saying “Knowledge is power.”

I was inspired to create cute and nerdy shirts after hearing about dumb shirts targeted at ladies. These sexist shirts broadcast ridiculous phrases such as “I’m too pretty to do homework” and “Allergic to Algebra.” While we have some silly shirts here at Kawaii Shirt Shop, we definitely do not celebrate stupid. “Knowledge is Panda” means that you can be cute and smart at the same time. Brainy is kawaii!

I leave it open to interpretation what the panda is reading. Could be a biology or ecology book, a bamboo cookbook, or a business book about how to grow and sell bamboo.

Like science? We also have a nerdy Kawaii Chemistry design. More nerdy kawaii designs are coming soon, so stay tuned!

kawaii panda shirts Our Knowledge is Panda T-shirts and hoodies are available at our online store.