Rogue Panda on Rampage

Rogue Panda on Rampage

A kawaii panda shirt: Rogue Panda on Rampage! This design was inspired by an incident in Flagstaff, Arizona a few months ago, when a roadside electronic sign was hacked. Instead of a traffic message telling drivers not to turn left at an upcoming intersection, the sign was changed to read, “Rogue Panda on Rampage.” The Flagstaff Police Department’s statement was hilarious: “We want to assure all citizens of Flagstaff that there is no problem with rogue pandas.”

For this shirt, I wanted to draw a panda that was trying – unsuccessfully – to look threatening. I think that even on a rampage, a panda would look cute!

You may have noticed that along with the T-shirts and hoodies, we also sell “Panda Jerseys.” What’s a Panda Jersey, you might ask? It’s very similar to a baseball jersey, but unlike an ordinary jersey, the Panda Jersey has a panda tail printed on the back. With its panda tail and black raglan sleeves, the Panda Jersey will transform you into a panda*! See the pics below (click to zoom in).

Panda Jersey

Rogue Panda on Rampage T-shirts Note that our Rogue Panda T-shirts and hoodies don’t have the panda tail that the jerseys do. They’re still super kawaii though! The Rogue Panda on Rampage shirts are available at our online store.

* Disclaimer: not a real panda.

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