Vegetarian Shirt

January 10th, 2012


A kawaii vegetarian shirt featuring very scared vegetables. It says “Vegetarian … because I hate plants.” One of my family members is vegetarian, and he’d say this a lot. We thought his saying would make a good shirt. So, I drew this design and gave him a shirt, which he loves. This design was a lot of fun to draw, and it was a challenge to depict fear in a cute way.

If you prefer to see the vegetables smiling, we have a design with kawaii happy vegetables. The happy vegetables version can be personalized.

Vegetarian T-shirts This vegetarian design is available in unisex and ladies’ T-shirts, as well as hoodies. The shirts can be purchased at our online store.

Personalized Kawaii Vegetables T-Shirt

December 5th, 2011

Kawaii Vegetables

A customizable kawaii vegetables T-shirt. This cute design features a smiling carrot, tomato, broccoli and eggplant. These cheerful veggies are happy to broadcast whatever you want! You can personalize this shirt by adding your own message. The types of people who would like this shirt include:

• Vegetarians
• Gardeners
• Vegetable consumption advocates
• Veggie fans
• Grocers and other produce dealers
• Those who want veggies to say random things

If you’re looking for a great gift for a vegetarian, we also have this funny kawaii vegetarian T-shirt.

Personalized Kawaii Vegetables T-shirts The Personalized Kawaii Vegetables shirt is available in guys’ and girls’ styles, as well as hoodies. You can get the shirts at our online store.

Kawaii Pandas Can Poop T-Shirt

November 22nd, 2011

Kawaii Panda

A kawaii panda T-shirt that proclaims a little known fact about the lovable animals. Did you know that pandas can poop up to 40 times a day? That works out to once every 36 minutes! This is a result of the panda’s massive diet. Since pandas extract little nutrition from bamboo, they have to eat loads of it – 20 to 30 pounds – and keep their digestive tracts full.

Fortunately, all this panda poo is valuable. Scientists can extract unique DNA profiles from panda poop. Hence they can estimate how many individual pandas reside in an area, how far they roam, their sex, and their general health. According to panda researcher Prof. Michael Bruford of Cardiff University, “We can start to reconstruct the lifestyles of these animals without ever having to see them.” Amazing!

Panda poop is also used to fertilize green tea that retails for $35,000 per pound. According to the manufacturer, panda poop contains many nutrients that were undigested by the panda. The manufacturer claims the nutrients end up in the tea.

Do you like this cute panda illustration, but would prefer a different slogan? You can build a personalized version of this shirt.

Kawaii Pandas Can Poop T-shirts The Pandas Can Poop shirt can be purchased at our online store.