Kawaii Resistors – Physics / Engineering Shirt

February 24th, 2012

Kawaii Physics

Our previous Valentine’s Day shirt is quite cynical, so here’s a sweeter design for those who aren’t so jaded. It also happens to be pretty nerdy: a kawaii physics shirt for science and engineering geeks! This design shows two anthropomorphic and friendly resistors – those ubiquitous electronic components. One says to the other, “I can’t resistor you.” And it appears his feelings aren’t met with much resistance…

I’ve always thought that resistors are intrinsically kawaii, with their tiny size and colorful bands. And for reasons I discussed in this post, I’m glad to design another cute and nerdy shirt!

Kawaii Physics T-Shirts The I Can’t Resistor You design is available on T-shirts and hoodies. The shirts can be purchased at our online store.

Personalized Kawaii Chemistry T-Shirts

November 15th, 2011

Personalized Kawaii Chemistry

A personalized kawaii chemistry T-shirt design for science buffs. You can customize this shirt by adding your own slogan or other text.

If you’d prefer a ready made slogan that’s good to go, you can get the default shirt that says “Dangerously Nerdy.”

Personalized Kawaii Chemistry T-Shirts This personalized chemistry shirt is available in unisex and ladies’ cuts. It can be purchased at our online store.

Kawaii Chemistry

November 12th, 2011

Kawaii Chemistry

A kawaii chemistry shirt for chemistry geeks and other science aficionados. It’s always struck me how bright chemicals in glassware look, so I wanted to capture that brightness in this design. I like to think of the individual kawaii glassware characters as having personalities. There’s the aggressive Erlenmeyer flask, the mischievous test tubes, the shy beaker, and the cheerful yellow one.

This science themed shirt, with its “Dangerously Nerdy” message, is for the nerds in your life – especially if they’re kinda scary! Do you have your own slogan? You can also build a personalized version of this shirt.

Kawaii Chemistry T-Shirts Dangerously Nerdy T-shirts and hoodies can be purchased at our online store.